Tuesday, October 20, 2020

5 Gifts To Make Her Fall For You This Valentine’s!

By Swarna Bhattar

With valentines round the corner every guy’s heart is pumping faster and brain is buzzing with a plethora of ideas. To help you find what your girl will actually like, here are a bunch of ideas from our side –

Although every girl is different in terms of likes, dislikes, interests and passion, still we have tried our best to shortlist the gifts that will be loved every girl and are useful too.

1.  A basket filled with her favourite things

The items in the basket are yours to decide but make sure they include some of the basics–Her favourite chocolates (only if she likes chocolate)

  • Keychain (either personalised or of her favourite character, ex. A Gryffindor keychain if she loves harry potter)
  • A small glass jar of messages or a love letter, the messages may include love notes or even movie tickets.
  • A neck piece, bracelet or a pair of earring. (if she likes accessories)
  • Similarly you can add what you think will suit her taste and personality, like, box of her favourite cookies, perfume, champagne or non-alcoholic fruit wine or even a small soft toy.
  • If your budget allows you to go a little higher you can add a pair of earphone or concert tickets if she loves music.
  • A jungle safari ticket if she likes adventure.
  • A notebook with cover personalised with her picture and a fine pen if she likes writing.

You get the idea? Right?

P.S. Make sure the basket looks pretty and feels personalised.

2.    A beautiful box with a pretty dress

Another romantic gesture she would love is a pretty dress wrapped in a beautiful box with a message and rose outside.

Although it’s a simple gift the tough part will be to find a nice dress with correct fitting. You can find the size it on her previous orders of dress on her favourite shopping app. Try your best to pack it nicely. Add a message like “can’t wait for you to see it”, “all yours” etc. in your own writing.

You can also add matching accessories like bracelet, earing or neck piece and perfume if you want to go bigger.

3. Balloons

A bunch of helium balloons with blank chits at the end of thread.  You two can write together and leave it in open air. Do not forget to give a bunch of roses and cake with it. To make it better you can decorate the car’s boot space and surprise her.

4. Recreating a moment

The most fun and amazing thing one can do is re-creating the most romantic scene from her favourite series or movie.

5. Tam- jhaam and full filmy

If your girl is film junkie, you should go big on dare and do something unpredictable. Standing in front of her balcony with a bunch of flowers. Taking her out for dinner formally. Opening door and booking a private dining space decorated for her. You can also plan a treasure hunt which may lead to a beautiful place or the place you first met. You can also gift her spa coupon for a day.

P.S. – Do not forget to give flowers, cake and a love letter.

Image Credits : Pexels

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