Monday, September 28, 2020

‘Ache Din Blues’ A Requirement to Get Rid Of the Communal Hysteria

By Humaira Ali

There is no doubt that in today’s world everything is political. If a person takes a political stand he is said to be showing his side of the story. Silence is more acceptable while the screams are unheard. People who hold strong political power are making sure that their work is not only affecting the growth of the youth but also the psyche of the people. However, ‘Art’ is one field which gives a common ground to all the barriers and one can find a way to raise his voice through his work.

Social Chutney came across such piece of political art which is not only unapologetically stunning in its craft but also a mirror to the society. ‘Ache Din Blues’ by Aamir Aziz is one such gem. This piece of storytelling is a metaphor to all the events of communal violence happened in the country last year.

In a candid conversation with Social Chutney, Aamir expressed his views on identity, communal hysteria and misleading youth. Aamir hails from Patna, Bihar and is a professional actor. “After coming to the Delhi University I had learned different things which were never known to me. I have learned literature and poetry, for me the question of identity was far behind. I had never thought about my identity but there was a sudden change in the communal atmosphere where along with me everyone was worried about their identity. This has been generated out of the fear of all these events of lynching and the communal tensions that has grown. The visual of the site of the mob lynching in Jharkhand was much more haunting than any other metaphor any poet can create.” Says Aamir.

‘Ache Din Blues’ was a requirement and not a project. All the events which have created communal tensions had made people numb. It is important to raise a voice and make people vocal about what they are witnessing and confront their views.

“If anyone in this country is telling the truth. Either he is said to be quiet or he is said to be ignorant towards the misused political powers. Hence Paagal Awaara kutta is a metaphor for the common people who are not ready to accept the stories which is being portrayed by the politicians of our country.” Aamir explained.

Aamir is also aware about the hollow criticism because of his Muslim upbringing. “People are telling me that I am telling only one sided story, but it doesn’t affect me, I know people can reduce me to my Muslim identity, but there are some hard truths in the song that can’t be ignored.”

“Also, the youth is now everyone’s target, but unfortunately the youth is unemployed and has nothing to do. All the problems which youth is facing due to unemployment or misleading social media, are being channelized by blaming the community to which the youth belongs. Hence, the youth is being manipulated.” Aamir added.

The response to the video (which also includes retweets by the likes of Kunal Kamra and Varun Grover) is a clear sign that people resonate with Aamir’s thoughts and sentiments.

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