Monday, September 28, 2020

Artists Become Mother Nature’s Voice in Opposing Tree Cutting at Bharat Van

By Swarna Sharma

 The honorable high court will hear the Bharat Van case on April 18, 2019 followed by an another Bharat Van open mic 2.0 between 6-8 am. Whatsapp 9423355083  to know how you can join to support the #savebharatvan movement. 

When the world is heading rapidly towards some major environmental problems leading to the extreme scarcity of natural resources, is it a wise decision to cut 500 trees of an urban jungle in Nagpur for constructing a cement road ? Every nature loving citizen will be objecting such plans and we are witnessing the same happening in the Orange city presently.

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) , Mahametro , Punjab Krishi Vidyapeeth (PKV) and Public Works Department (PWD)  have decided to construct an alternative road between Bharat Nagar square to Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran office at Telankhedi Hanuman road by chopping off over 500 old trees. Dr. Jaydeep Das had sent letters to the authorities such as Union Minister of environment forest and climate change, Mayor of Nagpur, Managing director of Mahametro, Vice chancellor of PDKV, Deputy commissioner of police and Honourable High court, insisting them to think twice on their decision. Dr Das moved the Nagpur bench of the Honourable High court and filed a Public Interest Litigation. The Honourable court in its last hearing gave a stay on the environment damaging plans in Bharat Van. Court’s next hearing date is 18th April 2019. Development should not be at the cost of fully-grown trees, most of which have served generations of other living beings especially humans.

In order to connect people with #savebharatvan campaign, Dr Jaydeep Das along with the residents of Bharat Nagar are organizing many activities and events to spread awareness about the amazing biodiversity of Bharat Van where there are more than 130 varieties of birds and over 500 fully grown trees. This movement is being supported by many nature loving professionals of Nagpur belonging to various walks of life. They found a supremely creative way of increasing association with people as the events are relatable to the interests of the youth of the city and hence these events attract different crowd of all age groups. Painting competition was held based on the theme ‘The beauty of Bharat Van’in March. Also, Save BharatVan campaigners maintained the interest of people by organizing a Photography competition. Over 80 citizens from Nagpur snapped the greenery of this Urban jungle and started posting on Instagram with the hashtags #savebharatvan #saveurbanjungles and #unnecessaryroad. The participants were divided in different categories: Under 12 years, above 13 years, women and professionals.

The recently organized event, Bharat Van Open Mic 1.0, was equally artistic and interesting. Literature enthusiasts, musicians, poets, stand up comedians and story tellers raised their voice against the impending destruction of Nature with their powerful words. Artists narrated the feelings of silent trees and birds in the form of poetry which made a greater and deep impact on the audience. The event was conceptualized by The Puntastics – the prominent group of comedians of Nagpur  and conducted by  Dr Parvani Laad, Dr Apurva Bharadwaj, Neeraj Malewar, and Pranay Naidu. These young leaders were mentored by Dr Abheek Ghosh and others. 20 youth icons along with 200 Bharat Nagar residents witnessed the enlightening performances of artists who believe that art should always ask the right questions and seek the correct answers from society and authorities. The event was graced by the presence of Shri Gopal Thosar, Adv Kartik Shukul , and other dignitaries. Smooth functioning of the event was ensured by Akash Salve, Praveen Kene, Sagar Hadpe, Vaibhav Kapse, who are prominent moto-travellers of Nagpur along with Nathan Thorpe and Ankit Andhare – Youtubers of Nagpur and members of Orange City Riderz club.

Nature lovers of Nagpur city and responsible residents of Bharat Van are actively taking efforts to save our natural heritage which is home to many of our feathered friends and wild lives. Its time for us to turn our theoretical armchair approach towards preserving nature into practical on field one.

Here you can have a look at the petition and the Facebook page.

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