Monday, September 28, 2020

Bijay Biswaal’s Dream-Like Art Takes You to a Whole Other World

By Team Social Chutney

Bijay Biswaal’s creations aren’t something you can simply just admire and scroll past. It’s hard to look away from them. The longer you gaze, the stronger your emotional response grows. Biswaal creates paintings which are a tribute to Indian Railway. When Social Chutney visited his studio, the vast expanses he showed us seem endless. The cool vibrations of wet railway platforms in the painting and the voice of train’s engine could be felt and heard in the distance. The stillness that his work evokes in us has a sense of calm to it which makes it easier to tune out the constant noise of daily living, even if it’s just for those few moments when we are fully taking in one of his pieces before we snap back to reality. In a candid conversation with Social Chutney, Biswaal shared his ideas behind his compositions, appealing visuals and blend of colors.

Visualizing the Background: Defining the Particularity.

Works of art can rouse different responses from different people – no two experiences, emotions and understandings need to be the same, especially when the work is coming from life inspirations. For Biswaal, his work is a medium of expression regarding his compositions of painting railway platforms and live paintings, “before starting the painting you have to be very clear about what you want on your canvas. The bigger the canvas, the bigger the composition. So I always decide my compositions beforehand. The perspective has to be clear. There are certain rules which need to be followed, the division of space, the focus point and the composition. Painting is a gigantic thing of harmonized beauty and efforts put together.” he says.

Exploring Through Traditional Mediums

Biswaal is a retired Indian Railway employee but when it comes to the art, he is completely self-taught. “As one can imagine, I am passionate about both railways and art, having stumbled into the world of art years ago, it has become my primary medium of choice. While on questioning the medium for his art works and his preferences he says, “In portraits, I still only use traditional mediums such as water-colour or acrylic. While painting by referring a photograph, everything is given to you ready-made, you are spoon fed but when you are at a site and sitting in front of a large structure. You figure out the size of the painting which goes through a lot of hand and eye co-ordination, hence I prefer keeping it real”.

From Artists Mind

Getting into his body of work, Biswaal gives us a chance to pick his brain and understand his artistic process a bit better – from creative inspirations and philosophies he explains his spontaneity. “Your art should have an engaging power, when I paint, all the aesthetics belongs to me as I decide all the placements. The painting should be engaging, entertaining and appealing to your eyes. That power has to be there in your art. Once you see a painting it should attract you no matter of what genre the painting is.” he explained

Love Towards Elements and Story Behind Wet Platforms

“I am very fascinated with five elements of nature, especially water from my early childhood. So I started painting with an addition of that element. Cloudy sky, wet floors and rainy season fascinates me the most. These elements had made to most of the legendry stories related to my paintings. In my early career once I was at Bhatapara station and it started raining. It fascinated me so much so that I felt like painting it. So I went home and put that on a bigger canvas. This is how the journey of painting with a touch of railways and rain began which came out into a series and went viral along with time. Also I am greatly inspired by the oeuvre of many artists.”Biswaal adds.

All images are courtesy of the artist. You can see more of Bijay Biswaal’s growing body of work on instagram and his website

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  1. True artist ! I love his sketching , you must see his pen art
    I always like a minimal use and he uses just a pen of 2 rupees and create most amazing sketches ever .. those bhartnatyam poses are just mesmerizing

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