Monday, September 28, 2020

Google Doodle Games: Throwback to Popular Interactive Google Doodles

Google Doodle Games

-Keshav Rathi

Google Doodle Games to fight Covid-19

Google Doodle Games are the new normal. As the coronavirus pandemic affecting the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Google has announced the launch of many of the past Doodle games. These games will help the users to cure their boredom and adding fun staying at home. As a result, the biggest search engine Google would be introducing popular Google Doodle games of the past. This throwback series is to celebrate 50 years of kids coding. Google Doodle captioned yesterday’s doodle: “As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world. People and families are spending more time at home. To sum up, we’re launching a throwback Doodle series. Looking back at some of the popular interactive Google Doodle games!”

Google Doodle ‘Coding’ game:

The first Google Doodle game which is re-released is the popular ‘Coding’ game from 2017. This game makes coding more fun and interactive for kids.

Google Doodle list

Apart from the ‘coding’ game, Google has yet to announce which doodles are fan favorites. In addition to this, The Fourth of July 2019 doodle and Loteria which was published in December 2019 will be placed. Both these doodle games could be among fan favorites. As they have gained huge popularity at the time of their launch.

Google Doodle to Stay and Play at Home

Recently Google has shared a fun-filled and interactive doodle celebrating World Earth Day which was on April 22. The doodle invited the users to guide a bee which made them learn fun facts about bees. Under the previous tagline “to all coronavirus helpers, thank you”. And the current tagline “Stay and Play at Home”. Likewise, Google has also been carrying out a series of doodles to honor all those who have been working at this time of the pandemic.

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