Monday, September 28, 2020
What Sparks Poetryसोच ख़ास

“I Wrote that Poem after 3 Hours of Crying”, Jidnya Sujata on “One Less Lonely Night”.

By Humaira Ali

Hello! The first word I said on the phone and I got a big, ‘Helllloooo’ from the other side to which I giggled because I did not need to introduce myself to her as she was punctually waiting for my call. Poetry. Dance. Art. Design this is what Jidnya Sujata’s bio speaks and we must say that her influence and journey are not only inspiring but are also a call for how the digital world is taking over the real world connections. For our series ‘What Sparks Poetry’ which is curated by Dark Room Poets, Jidnya shares her inspiration and story behind writing the exceptionally beautiful piece ‘One Less Lonely Night’ which took the spoken word world by storm. Here are the few gems from Social Chutney’s conversation with Jidnya.

Which is the source of Poetry?

“Poetry is something I stumbled upon in my 9th grade when I wrote a poem about how much I hate studying, it was co-written with my best friend then, which was followed by a writing exercise. I lost touch of it in the years that followed. Then, in 2014 I started again with small poems, quotes. But my actual relationship with poetry started in 2016 after a very weird heartbreak. I haven’t stopped since then.” Says Jidnya on how she encountered with writing.

How Did Performing poetry Came?

“When one of my friend took me to a spoken word open mic I got to know that people even perform. So, it was on 13th June 2016. I over performed, forgot my lines, stammered, used too many hand gestures. It was like Twinkle twinkle little star done by a child, just less cuter and more embarrassing.” Jidnya explained. “Writing your feelings down, it always feels good. You know the feeling you get when you have to control your bladder for a long time, then you finally let go. It’s the same feeling.” says Jidnya when we asked her about writing down her feelings. Also when we asked her about her favourite writers and what she is currently reading, she says, “I did not read from last two years, I think it won’t do justice if I take names of some writers, when I will start reading again I would love to answer this question.”

“One Less Lonely Night” – You wrote your heart out! Tell us about that.

“I wrote that poem after 3 hours of crying. Recollecting all the memories and emptiness of the lull experiences, calling out for someone to reach out to me, expecting someone to just listen. I felt to be heard. I wrote that piece and totally forgot about the existence of that piece. And after 2 to 3 weeks I saw that poem again. I never thought of performing that poem.” Jidnya explained. Also I am up for exploring different forte of writings, as of now I am trying my hands in script writing” Jidnya added.

Her way of writing

“I write a word, and the words after that come naturally according to what I feel. Sometimes it’s just a line and sometimes it becomes a piece. Also sometimes I write the thought and develop the piece around it and edit it later on” Jidnya explains her way and style of writing a poem. Jidnya is currently shooting for her script in Jammu & Kashmir and we are eagerly waiting her approach to this different forte of creative writing.

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