Monday, September 28, 2020

Kolkata Based Bodhisatya Ghosh Is the Art Model to Look For This Year

By Swarna Bhattar

The last few years have marked the rise of a radically inspiring and unbridled fashion statement in Kolkata. The soulful, dreamy and bold dressing sense of an art model Bodhisatya Ghosh. With a distinct taste of fashion and style in this changing world, Ghosh reflect and challenge the societal taboos and stereotypes through his work.

A lawyer, fashion model and a blogger who has paved his way and given a different style statement to men’s fashion. Bodhisatya Ghosh talked with Social Chutney about the complicated realities that explains his art, the emotional value of his work and his inspiring journey of becoming a successful androgynous style art model he is today.

“fashion and style have always been a defense mechanism for me. Growing up as a kid, I was never much involved into things that other guys were doing like sports, football etc. I was more into art and as an artist I always wanted to experiment with style and it was natural. Nothing inspired me or intrigued me, but since I was growing as an artist I kept experimenting with different clothes. During my experimentation I came to a bigger city and discovered that there is this part of fashion which was very much into existence for real which is termed as androgynous which does not limit you to one form of fashion. I was never restricted when I saw there is much more than denim and t-shirt that a guy can pull off, that intrigued me,” Bodhisatya tells me frankly, when I ask him to describe the androgynous style of fashion. He says the fluidity of androgynous fashion is beautiful and one needs to learn that it’s normal.

“I have worked with various issues. Some of the issues I have worked with are transgenders, androgynous fashion and men wearing jewellery. It was very common in ancient times, now it is very rare to see. I have also incorporated it through various shoots. Also men looking beautiful and dressing up in traditional clothes like shawls and dupattas, it was prevalent in ancient India but now if you do that you are subjected to shaming and bullying. But I think it’s very normal and there’s room to explore so much more.” Says Ghosh.

“you never really hear anyone saying that “oh my god, that man is really beautiful” you always hear that “oh that guy is handsome”. But, it is not that way even if you go back down the lane in the English language there is nowhere specifically written that you cannot really refer a man as beautiful. I mean if a man feels beautiful and wants to address himself not as handsome but as beautiful, wants to adorn himself in jewellery and beautiful sarees. We are no one to judge one’s choice of appearance.” Ghosh added

“we have introduced a concept named ‘trinetri’ which focuses on transgender empowerment. To spot the latest trends we do look up to fashion illustrations and usually all we see is male models or female models but have we ever thought about what if the other gender wanted to experiment with what looks good on them? There are transgender models too so I wanted to normalize that transgender are a part of our society. Why not bring them up and put them in bigger picture.”

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  1. It was amazing to read the article over you. May God bless you and give you more power and as an individual you can bring some changes into the society and break the stereotypes. Proud of you Bodhi.

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