Monday, September 28, 2020

The Work Of This Indian Artist Has Truly Made A Mark This Year

By Swarna Bhattar

“Art is the weapon / against life as a symptom / defend yourself ” – My Chemical Romance

Art has always been used as a method to hold up a mirror to society. Whether it is a protest or a celebration, art gives us the ability to visually communicate our thoughts, emotions and experiences. Looking at the broader picture, art paves the way for creating a global community with more recognition to a particular thought. Art make you introspect and purge hidden realities which connect people from different parameters of life.

Changes can be made or initiated physically and mentally when a platform for dialogue is created . Shedding lights on tabooed societal issues and exploring the beauty of natural surroundings are some of the incredible things that an impactful artwork can trigger.

Social Chutney come across the work of an artist whose work of visual illustrations moved us emotionally, question the source of his inspiration or just simply bawled our eyes out. Sachin Bhatt, a Bangalore Based Visual Artist spoke to Social Chutney and shared his views on his creative visualizations and made us look at ourselves a little better, a little closer, broadening our minds when it comes to how we perceived ourselves and others around us.

Sachin has worked with various organizations like F16s, All India Backchod, Hiatus, Kaiyote, Kyoto protocol. He works for visual illustration industry and likes to create art from music. As they say that art cannot be confined to a particular medium, Sachin is not only a visual artist but also a musician. Sachin, at present, creates visuals and identities for musicians all over the globe.

His work includes use of vibrant colors to which he says, “I often use vibrant colours but I wouldn’t say I use them always. Sometimes I use very subtle and dull colours too. It really depends on what I am creating. I don’t really think too much. I understand the importance of using colours in my work but don’t think too much. It just comes automatically. Whatever I am feeling at the moment, I just put in there.”

His preferences on the medium of creating art work Sachin says,“I prefer digital work just because of the dynamics that you can get in and how clean it is to use. You can do it anywhere you want. Technology is limitless and you can do an infinite amount of things on your screen.”

On being asked about creating art work for music and working with other artists Sachin says, “I always try to keep the music in mind and make something that will go well with the music. Very rarely musicians might have very particular idea about what they want. But if they are commissioning me then it’s my job to do what they want but I make sure that I put my own style into it because it has to be a creation between me, their music and their idea. It’s kind of like the meeting point in between.”

Sachin admires when people do their own thing and stay into their respective lanes about how they are going with their work.“Patience is a really important thing to maintain when you are working with illustration and stuff. Keep creating all the time and don’t stop. If you ever stop then it always gives a gap.”  Sachin advices other artists who are inclined towards creating visual art and who are new to this field of work.

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