Monday, September 28, 2020
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We Create Music Beyond Borders of Geography and Language: Gauley Bhai

By Humaira Ali

Traveling the country to find their roots probably did a lot of good for Gauley Bhai. Gauley Bhai is a Bangalore – based band formed in 2017 combining Nepali and Indian Folk Rock. They are currently working on their first album in Bangalore, called Joro which is releasing in June. Their songs lie in the spaces as they inhabit – individual, social and political essence. Their music is shaped by their roots and influences and an attempt to reflect on the spaces they share, beyond borders of geography and language. In a candid conversation with Social Chutney, Gauley Bhai speaks about their Neighborhood love, creating music and getting into the hearts of music lovers who always love to explore and experiment with their playlist.

What does the name means?

When we heard about this band, the first thing which fascinated us was the name along with the curiosity to know its meaning and the pronunciation. “The Band name ‘Gauley Bhai’ stand for ‘Brothers from the Neighbourhood’ . It is Pronounced as “Gaon – lay – Bhai” which is slightly away from the wastern way of writing. They ticked off its first festival appearance in September last year at the Zero Festival of Music in Arunachal, where a few thousands that had gathered grooved to their hypnotic, high-energy rock.

How did the Musical Journey Begin?

The band members landed in Bangalore by coincidence and that is where they all met. “Anudwatt Vigya Dhakal, Siddhant Mani Chhetri and Veecheet Dhakal knew each from back home and met regularly in Bangalore where they were living. At the time everyone was doing their own projects and life was moving in its own pace. Joe and Anudwatt met in the studio where Anudwatt used to work for a recording of a different project and ended up jamming with each other. Siddhant joined the jam sessions. It just worked for everyone and lastly Veecheet came in to the sessions with his violin and writings. A couple of tunes came about and they played that in the ‘I Live Here’ festival. The experience of the festival made a deep impact on us and we also found faith in our sound.” Says team Gauley Bhai.

Process of Creating Music: Artists Mind

“Our music comes from the Jams in our little studio in Jeevan Bima Nagar, Bangalore. Be it writing, creating a composition or playing an instrument it is about that moment and ‘art’ is created right there. Then once the Idea is clear, we work on details. Also, so far we have been really lucky to be able to connect with our audience even though most of them don’t understand our language or context, but as for their response, all of us dance.” Expressed Team Gauley Bhai.

Keeping the Native Roots Alive:

“We want people to realize the texture of the contemporary urban Indian culture – with a reflection on the various spaces between us as people and communities that overlap and are unspoken about. We sing about love, and it’s translated on stage with raucous intent, with a violin leading the way on some songs, for added effect.” Expressed Gauley Bhai on their idea behind keeping the native roots alive.

The band comprises Veecheet Dhakal on violin and vocals, drummer Joe Panicker, guitarist Siddhant Mani Chhetri and bassist Anudwatt Vigya Dhakal. The good news is that the band is on the verge of launching a crowdfunding campaign to release their début album Joro in June.

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