Monday, October 19, 2020
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Why Kahlil Gibran’s Masterpiece, The Prophet, is One of the Most Beloved Classics of All Time

By Surbhi Agrawal

The prophet is one of the soul stirring creations by Kahlil Gibran. He is a Lebanese American artist, largely celebrated for his paintings, poetry & philosophies. The prophet is recognized as the best work of the writer & is popularly referred to as ” the Masterpiece of Kahlil Gibran”

The Prophet is a compilation of 26 prose poetry fable by kahlil gibran. This profound piece of literature was published in 1923 & has never been out of print since then. The Gibran world view struck a chord with people of diverse culture from generations now. Thus, entitled to a well deserved label of international bestseller.

The book becomes a chalice for the readers to drink from the ocean of life. It drowns them into their inner selves & shakes them from within. The ideologies & philosophies been portrayed, have the propensity to educate inner character & become a catalyst for personal growth.

 It seeks to impart an in depth & unique perception of the major facets of life – birth, death, religion, relationships, children, marriage. The book speaks to the entire mankind & hence resonates with people of all age. It is intriguing how the author showcases all the stages of life.

 Although it encompasses a very strong belief system, The prophet does not bend towards spirituality. It does not support or is not based on any religion. Instead of a self improvement book, kahlil gibran has beautifully weaved it in the form of fiction. 

The book flows in a poetic language, which comes across as very soothing to the mind. The writing style is thus very soulful & in harmony with the context.

A wise man named Almustafa lives in an island called Orphalese. A ship awaits him to bear him back to the isle of his birth. On this day of his departure, all the folks of the island gather around to bid him farewell. On this day, the he has nothing to give them save his wisdom of life. 

The prophet offers us a door to self introspection. Kahlil Gibran, very simply,  helps us to connect the dots & puts the pieces of life together. The existence of such a book is a gift to mankind. It reminds the world of it’s beauty, and people, of the flower of humanity.

Altogether, it is an overwhelming learning experience put forth in enchanting web of words. One needs to read between the lines to assimilate the deeper meaning of the thoughts and philosophies. A timeless book to be read, passed on and cherished forever. 

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