Monday, September 28, 2020
What Sparks Poetryसोच ख़ास

Your Work Will Make You Transcend Even After You Die, Not YouTube Views: Ramneek Singh

By Humaira Ali

In this episode of ‘What Sparks Poetry’ Dark Room Poets and Social Chutney spoke to Hindi-Urdu Poet, Spoken Word Artist and lyricist, Ramneek Singh. He spoke about his early forays into poetry while growing up in Jammu, the importance of venues and community building, how the Kashmir conflict has affected his poetry and he’ll also be giving us a breakdown of the creative process behind his poem “Shehar Matrix”.

Poems are a constant friend:

Poetry means many different things to Ramneek Singh. When he had just begun writing, he did not measure the value that this art form held in his life. After some time, it became the only thing he actively participated in as a child apart from academics as he says poems are his constant friends. His grandfather and his dad were inclined towards spirituality hence all of his experiences over the years has helped him to understand his own opinions on matters of society and politics. It has prompted him to probe his own mind and think about his own voice. “I write about the societal issues in my poems, people are not aware about how they are trapped in the materialism of life which doesn’t let them measure the “value of life”, hence my poems are a mirror to the society which is running towards a 9 – 7 job and  paying monthly emi’s.” says Singh. 

Shehar Matrix and favourite poets:

“It took me 6 to 7 months to write ‘Shehar Matrix’ in order to make people aware of the dystopia, as people are consumed by greed and materialistic fabrication, It is akin to an alarm which the poet rings when he sees something wrong happening in the society, I believe that both written and spoken word can be effectively used as weapons.” Singh explained as we asked him the source of inspiration behind writing ‘Shehar Matrix’. As Singh reads a variety of genres he shed some light on the writers he admires the most and the writers he grown up reading. “I am more inclined towards reading contemporary writers such as Amrita Shah, Saurabh Jain while I am equally a fan of Munawwar Rana’s Muhazirnama, Swami Antar Neerav, Hayakat Jafri , Sultan Bahu and Mayank Saxena, along with ‘To this day’ by Shane Koyczan and Olivia Gatewood are my equally favourite.” Singh explained.

Role of Craft and Performance poetry:

 “Role of craft is more important than emotions, because at the end your work will make you transcend, which YouTube views can never help you with”. Singh opines as we asked him about his view towards today’s scenario of quick fame. “There are certain things happening in the world about which we need to speak urgently as the merit of spoken word as an art lies in urgency, having a good audience accentuates the performance and experience of the poet, if I write a poem to be published in a book, it will take longer to reach people and its relevance may be lost. Sometimes, one wants to react to something happening in the present, so that people may understand what is happening and take action. For this, performance poetry is necessary.”

Page Poetry:

“Page poetry is a craft in itself and don’t be dishonest with your art. You can experiment to a great extent when it comes to the physical space of the page and your thoughts, it is like a riddle,  you can leave a lot unsaid even if there are many thoughts swirling around in your head you can let your reader to figure it out, this is where a poets satisfaction lies” Singh Explains.

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